As a supplier of mustard seeds our company has established itself as an important and reliable partner of the mustard and spice industry. Our highly modern cleaning system (SORTEX), located in Ukraine, meets the thorough quality expectations of Western European clients and consumers alike.

We can offer seeds from fields located across Ukraine, where our partner company is responsible for storage as well as special cleaning processes. Year on year we manage to guarantee the high quality standard, which our clients have grown accustomed to.

We can offer the most important varieties for the production of mustard:

  • Sinapis alba / yellow mustard seed: mild - spicy, spicy taste (chilli, pepper), not too spicy smell (horseradish)
  • Brassica varieties / black - or brown mustard seed and oriental mustard seed: distinctly noticeable spiciness in taste as well as smell
    • - Brassica nigra, also know as brown, green or black seeds
    • - Brassica juncea