Project Management

Eurolinex GmbH combines all steps in planning a project as well as detailing every single project phase.

We can help with the following:

   1.    Definition of scope
   2.    Definition of process
   3.    Establishing of order
   4.    Expense planning
   5.    Estimate of the process
   6.    Estimate of costs
   7.    Risk management
   8.    Development of a timetable
   9.    Cost planning
   10.  Quality planning
   11.   Supply planning
   12.   Compilation of a project plan

We take over the coordination of employees and other resources, as well as their respective assignment towards the processes within the project plan. We support the execution of quality assurance, information supply, team development and selection of suppliers.

We provide the proper completion and payment of your contracts along with our help with regards to a continuous surveillance of set targets, an integrated tool for change control as well as cohesive reporting.

With us your projects will be safe and sound from East to West.