Strategic Advice

Our services in strategy consulting are a profitable aid for any company or organization wishing to assess, analyse and improve its strategy for approaching CIS markets.

We can offer the inspection, development and new coordination of target goals, concepts and actions including the preparation of complete all-round business models with respect to cultural differences as well as local legislature. This way, your strategy development will always be focused on the future, while minimizing the potential risks.

Eurolinex GmbH can offer the following services:

  • Review of existing strategies
  • Further development and adaptation of strategies
  • New development of strategies
  • Support in the development within Eastern European markets
  • Selection of potentially viable products and services
  • Analysis of trends and discontinuities
  • Development of industry and surroundings scenarios
  • Assessment of internal capabilities with regards to challenges in Eastern European markets
  • Portfolio analysis and management
  • Value management, mergers, acquisitions and alliances
  • Positioning of your business with regards to competition from the East
  • Selection of most viable industry segments for development within the Eastern markets
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development of action plans