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In the beginning of 2012, Eurolinex GmbH became the official agent of EVRAZ Railway Division for the DACH-region and Scandinavia. EVRAZ is a multinational producer of steel and steel products with its own plants located all around the globe in Russia, Ukraine, Western Europe, the USA, Canada and South Africa. Today, EVRAZ is a symbol of highly modern technology, innovation and vertical integration.

EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ NTMK) is a fully vertically integrated metallurgical plant in the city of Nizhny Tagil, approximately 140km to the north of Yekaterinburg and 2,000km to the northeast of Moscow. The main production output consists of railway wheels and rails, construction products and pipe blankets as well as semi-finished products. Nizhny Tagil is one of the oldest steel and mining centres in Russian and is often considered the cradle of metallurgy in the Ural region.

In 2010 EVRAZ NTMK produced 4.3 million tonnes of raw steel, 3.8 million tonnes of steel and more than 3.6 million tonnes of rolled products.

EVRAZ NTMK is considered one of Russia's largest, integrated steel works, characterized by a fully internal production cycle consisting of coke-chemical production facilities, blast furnaces, a converter station and several rolling mills.

Steel processing: EVRAZ NTMK runs two modern blast furnaces, specifically adjusted for processing titanium-magnetite iron ore, which is characterized by a high vanadium content (sourced by EVRAZ KGOK). The overall yearly capacity of steel processing is at 4.4 million tonnes of steel.

The utilization of a one-of-a-kind iron ore with high vanadium contents results in a natural process of Ferro alloying of the steel. This allows for production of steel and steel products with an improved quality, which can also be ideally utilized in environments characterized by low temperatures.

Steel production: The steel works consists of an oxygen converter plant with a yearly capacity of 4.5 million tonnes of steel.
Rolling mills: EVRAZ NTMK runs five rolling mills, one of which is used for railway wheels. The smart design of these mills allows a flexible product mix. Between 2004 and 2010, the rolling mill for railway wheels has been completely modernized and upgraded. The same modernization process is currently under way for the train track- and structural plant.

We can offer a wide spectrum of rails from 33kg to 113kg per Meter (kg/m) across various steel grades. Our partners’ highly modern production facilities allow for the production of rails according to all existing standards, including those with very strict dimensional tolerances and lengths of up to 100 meters for high speed routes.

  • Heavy-duty transport
  • High speed trains (CIS states)
  • Public- and city transport

Rail types

  • Unit strength
  • Average hardness
  • Average hardness with high strength
  • Body hardened
  • Head hardened
  • Head hardened with micro alloying
  • Perlite with a high carbon share
  • One carbon perlite
  • Cold resistant applications

Our Norms

EN 13674-1:2011 54 E1, 60 E1, 49E1, 54E2, 54E4, 60E2
AREMA 115 RE, 119 RE, 132 RE, 133 RE, 136 RE, 141 RE