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Bahnbedarf - Räder

In 2012 EVRAZ has appointed Eurolinex GmbH as its exclusive sales agent and representative for railway wheels and tyres for the whole of Europe. EVRAZ is a vertically integrated, multinational steel manufacturer with its own production assets spread across Russia, Ukraine, Europe, the United States, Canada and South Africa. The wheel mill EVRAZ NTMK (Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant) is located in the city of Nizhny Tagil, roughly 1.700km to the east of Moscow.

In the year 2011, EVRAZ has invested more than 300 mln USD into the NTMK mill for renovation purposes. As a result, the plant has been completely modernized and newly built up from the ground, resulting in one of the worlds’ newest and most advanced production facilities for railway wheels and tyres. The annual production capacity is currently set at 570,000 wheels.

The mill EVRAZ NTMK has over 100 years of experience in producing railway wheels and tyres, and is fully certified to deliver wheels according to the GOST, AARM and EN standards. Currently, the plant delivers its production to Russian Railways and all other CIS National Railways, as well as to the American Railways. Within 2016 the mill further expects to successfully complete the certification procedure with DB Deutsche Bahn, ÖBB Austrian Railways, CD Czech Railways, as well as HZ Croatian Railways. In 2016 the plant has successfully achieved the PKP Cargo Polish Railway certificate.

The current production portfolio consists of the following freight wheel constructions:

1. BA 314 25t axle load (TSI-certified)
2. BA 319 25t axle load (TSI-certified, for Deutsche Bahn only)
3. BA 318 23,5t axle load (TSI-certified, for Deutsche Bahn only)
4. BA 004 23,5t axle load (TSI-certified)
5. BA 005 20t axle load (TSI-certified)
6. BA 409 20t axle load (TSI expected in 2nd Quarter 2016)
7. BA 002 20t axle load (without TSI)
8. BA 428 20t axle load (construction expected in 2nd half of 2016)

The respective drawings and certificates can be provided by request.